Canadian Made or Not Canadian Made is the question

At Staycation, we value sustainability, ethical partnerships, and 100% transparency.

Which is why we created our signature Maple Leaf Rating System--so you can know exactly what you’re supporting with each and every product we sell. We clearly list every item’s “Maple Leaf Rating” on our website.

Along the way, our goal is to transition as much as we can toward 100% Canadian Made products. In the meantime, we support only the healthiest import and export partnerships. And, we invite you to help us. And it’s easy: every purchase brings us one step closer to our goal.

Our Maple Leaf Rating System

100% Canadian Made

Our 3 Maple Leaf products are manufactured and decorated 100% in Canada

Canadian Designed & Decorated

Our 2 Maple Leaf products are designed and decorated here in Canada. All fabrics are imported from a certified, ethical, and trusted supplier – they are then cut, designed and decorated in Canada.

Canadian Decorated & Materials supplied by trusted Canadian partner

Our 1 Maple Leaf products are decorated here. Pieces are pre-made and sourced ethically from abroad, then shipped to Canada for decorating.