We started with a dream and stitched it into something great…

The heart of Staycation is simple: love where you live. 

At the heart it’s about more than just shopping. Because ultimately, at Staycation, high quality products and apparel are just the vehicle to starting and deepening the conversation — to love our ‘home’ to the fullest.

Staycation is a state of mind, one that inspires us to invest in the beauty, talent, diversity, and empowerment of Canada.

We believe supporting our neighbours can be easy, fun, and – of course – stylish!

Who we serve:

  • Laid back, friendly folks who find joy in the simple things in life.
  • The adventurous at heart. Canadians who are proud to invest in our economy and share their journeys.
  • Passionate, honest partners and collaborators who want to join us in spreadin’ the love for our homefrom East Coast to West.

Do any of those sound like you?

We thought so. And we’re happy you’re here. ❤️

Deck out your next adventure (or cozy night in) with high quality apparel that you can be proud of.

And psssst...be sure to connect with us and your neighbours in the Staycation Community — start planning your next Canadian staycation!

Our Maple Leaf Rating System

100% Canadian Made

Our 3 Maple Leaf products are manufactured and decorated 100% in Canada

Canadian Designed & Decorated

Our 2 Maple Leaf products are designed and decorated here in Canada. All fabrics are imported from a certified, ethical, and trusted supplier – they are then cut, designed and decorated in Canada.

Canadian Decorated & Materials supplied by trusted Canadian partner

Our 1 Maple Leaf products are decorated here. Pieces are pre-made and sourced ethically from abroad, then shipped to Canada for decorating.

At Staycation, we value sustainability, ethical partnerships, and 100% transparency.

Which is why we created our signature Maple Leaf Rating System--so you can know exactly what you’re supporting with each and every product we sell. We clearly list every item’s “Maple Leaf Rating” on our website.

Along the way, our goal is to transition as much as we can toward 100% Canadian Made products. In the meantime, we support only the healthiest import and export partnerships. And, we invite you to help us. And it’s easy: every purchase brings us one step closer to our goal.


Hi, I’m Jolene. Passionate Founder and CEO of Staycation.

I am proudly from the town of Canso in beautiful Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. But, I’ve experienced the beauty and diversity of many parts of Canada. I continued my education in Halifax and, 4 years later, was fortunate to call Toronto home. This is where I spent the next 6 years focused on a career in music — what an amazing experience!

But the ocean kept calling me. I moved back home to the East Coast. I met and fell in love with my sidekick/fur-kid Sophie 9 years ago in the beautiful Annapolis Valley and, well, the rest is history! They say, ‘home is where the heart is’... and my heart is in Canada. There’s SO much to love here —  the exploring is endless with so many beautiful places to discover!

When I’m not walking Sophie, working, at the gym, or playing corn hole (toss in a few cocktails here!), I’m exploring my home province and brewing up my next big idea. Whether it’s new fashion and products, making music, or installing ceramic backsplash in my friend’s kitchen — I’m happiest in life when I’m creating.

I’ve taken my 16 years of experience in promotional product design and manufacturing and turned it into something that I am so proud of; something that fuels me everyday and supports my Canadian friends and neighbours.

The world has seen a huge shift throughout 2020. For me, it’s been an opportunity to reevaluate the things I value most. I think this shift has happened for many of us. And that has driven me to create positive movement and community around me. One where we value each other and take time to realize and enjoy the beauty and abundance in our beautiful country.

As for me, I'm enjoying the simple things — time with friends and family, nights in watching HGTV, and RV’ing through beautiful Atlantic Canada with my honey Chris- and, off course, Sophie!


That’s what I want for the Staycation community.

Because I believe nothing’s better for the soul (well... maybe country music!) than a Canadian Staycation — whatever that means to you.

I hope this brand will be a part of all of your Staycations for years to come.



The Staycation Logo – more than just an image.

We put heart and thought into all we do, including our imagery! Here’s what every element of our logo means.

See how Canadians are styling their Staycation!

And, don’t forget to #staycationgems on your next Canadian adventure.